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Last updated: 10/23/2009 – 8:00 a.m. (CST) (Lists moved to new address; update forms changed: see below)

Inspired by Amanda Ameer’s post on classical music publicists on Twitter and Beth Kanter’s query on a list of arts twitterers, I gathered a preliminary list of more than 150 twitterers in the classical music scene.

I intend to create the most inclusive, elaborate list of classical music twitterers. I know I have left many, many people and organizations out. That’s why I have opened up two forms to add or update your information: if you are a person twittering about classical music, please add or update your information here; if you are an organization twittering about classical music, please add or update your information here. Or alternatively, you can leave a comment below.

Any suggestions on categories or changes to the format, please let me know in a comment below or at dutchperspective (at)


The list of people in classical music on Twitter can now be found here:

Add or update your information here


The list of organizations in classical music on Twitter can now be found here:

Add or update your information here

34 thoughts on “Classical music on Twitter”

  1. I don’t know if we count as bloggers or media, but WV Public Radio has a Twitter account (focusing on classical around the state, on our radio station, and on our Classically Speaking blog): @wvclassical


  2. @Sherrill thanks for the suggestion. I’ll likely add that to venues/festivals. That was my intention.

    @Mona thanks for the add. I’ll probably add it to media!

    @Margaret thanks for the add. Will add it to the orchestras category!

  3. Thanks so much for the mentions! Also, I wanted to let you know the spelling’s off with *artfulmanager* and *hollychickman* *welzkauffman* *eighthblackbird* and you typed nicomuhly twice.

  4. Good idea, but why not make direct links of the adresses?
    Now I have to cut and paste…
    Greetings, Rolf (bit of a lazy sod šŸ™‚
    @otterhouse on Twitter

  5. @Maura thanks! Will be corrected in the next update.

    @Amanda thanks as well! Will also be corrected.

    @Otterhouse, I agree, but it’ll take a bit of time.

    @urbanfluteproject, @David and @Juliana, you’re welcome!

  6. Please don’t forget of the future of classical music like @BostonYouthSym with 6 Youth Orchestras and 53 years of history

    As President of the organization, I can attest to how much programs like our Intensive Community Program (ICP) add to literally hundreds of kids and families.

    Let me know if you’re ever in Boston and would like to attend one of our concerts.

  7. Thanks for the listing! Not sure where I should really be listed; I’m both a musician and a blogger. How did you determine who goes where? Just curious.

    Now I’ll end up wasting hours checking all these folks out! Better than making reeds ….

  8. @Drew lol!

    @Eduardo thanks for reaching out! I’ll add them to the list in the next update! Never been to Boston though, but I’d love to!

    @patty I’m still struggling with categories and how to list people. Must give it some more thought. If you have any ideas, they’re more than welcome!

  9. Missed out a couple of Scottish orchestras:


    A great venue in Edinburgh:

    A prolific blogger in Edinburgh:

  10. Thanks for the mention! Humbling and flattering.

    Two omissions, off the top of my head, in the musician category:

    @TenorRyan – Ryan McPherson, tenor
    @SuperGreek – Sharin Apostolou, soprano

    And one in the blogger category:

    @ClassicalReview – Friedrich Kuhlau,

    Great list! Looking forward to following the ones I don’t already.

  11. If you’re a fan of daily classical chatter:

    @NaxosMusicLib – is a great place to listen in!

    The Naxos Music Library is a great personal, and educational resource!

    What a great list!

  12. WGUC 90.9 the classical music station in Cincinnati @909WGUC

    Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra is @CincyChamberOrc

    Thanks Marc for this great compilation!

  13. Maybe its just me, but on my computer both links (“People” and “Organisations”) lead to the same page of individuals. Where are all the orchestras?

  14. Just found your links left on Anne Midgette’s blog and have added some Vancouver, Canada arts groups. I’ve also distributed the info to my contacts here so expect more Vancouver groups to start popping up! One suggestion: please add a choral section.

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