Must-read ArtsHacker articles to get going with Google Analytics

by Marc van Bree |

As I mentioned here, a few weeks ago, I presented at a National Arts Marketing Project conference panel on Google Analytics. And that ignited the writing spark again. I followed up with three articles for ArtsHacker elaborating on some of the items I touched on during the presentation. Together with some other articles found on ArtsHacker, it offers a real good primer to get going with Google Analytics.

To get started, first, visit the panel microsite here. This will get you familiar with some of the main concepts.

Then, learn how to find and where to place the Google Analytics code snippet.

When you have properly installed the correct code, there are several basic things you need to do to get the most out of Google Analytics:

One of the most important things however, is to always tag your links in the different campaigns your run. ArtsHacker describes this step-by-step right here. I can’t stress enough how important this step is.

And tracking all this is great fun. But what about ecommerce? And what if your ticketing solution is hosted on a third-party domain? That’s probably the case for 95% of arts websites out there. You’ll need to enable cross-domain tracking and ecommerce tracking. I wrote a nice introduction for ArtsHacker on that as well.

Tracking email, referrals, social and organic traffic is great. But did you know you can also track your offline marketing efforts? That gets covered in my latest ArtsHacker article right here.

ArtsHacker is a phenomenal depository of helpful guides for the arts manager and marketer. I’m very happy to have started contributing. Stay tuned for more on Google Analytics and other marketing tips and tricks soon. It’s good to be writing again.

Can’t get enough of Google Analytics? Check out these self-study courses from Google.