Post NAMP conference musings

Last week I traveled to Salt Lake City to present a panel session on Google Analytics at the NAMP conference. You can see the accompanying micro site here.

It was interesting to see how much has changed and yet how little has changed. Arts marketers are still figuring out new tools, but the tools have changed around a bit. Conferences five years ago covered Facebook and Twitter, now they cover Snapchat and Periscope.

Conference sessions are always challenging:

  • What is the level of expertise or experience in the room?
  • How much time and effort to explain the what and why?
  • When diving into the how, are your samples generic enough?

In 2010, when I did a panel presentation at Opera America, I had similar concerns. The how should not turn into a carbon copy of another organization’s efforts.

It was great to see others pick up on that too, with perhaps a theme of “Get over your fear and experiment” as Shoshana Fanizza noted here.

I was very pleased with the hands-on, practical approach we took for the Google Analytics session. And it was well received:

I realized something at NAMPC. I miss this stuff. And the arts community still needs this stuff. Consider my sabbatical done.

First, head over to ArtsHacker and read up on my follow up to the Google Analytics session at NAMPC.

Second, stay tuned for more. Here, at the blog formerly known as Dutch Perspective, and over at ArtsHacker. Who’s in?