Superseriously cool

R.E.M. is coming out with a new album, Accelerate, soon. These guys can do nothing wrong in my book and you’ll find me at United Center on June 6 when they return to Chicago. The first single from the new album is Supernatural Superserious, a mix of eighties, nineties and new millennium R.E.M.

Radiohead, being Radiohead, of course gets all the publicity with its pay-what-you-like downloadable album, but R.E.M. shows to be even more innovating and creative when it comes to the Internet. Three months before the release of their new album, the band launched Every day a new 30-second video clip can be downloaded to mix, mash up or edit however fans see fit.

Now, the band has launched a site for Supernatural Superserious “which offers visitors a truly unique opportunity to download all 10 takes of the video in High Definition and edit their own version of the video.” Fans can post their creations on a special YouTube channel.

Good times.

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