Thus it begins

I will not keep this up. That will be my first prediction. I will delete entries. That will be my second prediction.

I have the habit of starting things, not finishing them. I have the habit of deleting things, because I don’t like them anymore.

We’ll see how far I get. I might surprise myself.

The plan is to write about public relations, news- or pseudo events, politics, media, arts and culture. Most of it will be short, unless it is a “featured” article, which means I won’t be posting it under personal journal.

It has begun. Welcome to the first real blog section of Dutch Perspective. Post and don’t delete, that will be the challenge.

I have been busy reorganizing my Web site, which is most of the reason why no new articles have appeared in the last two months. The design remains the same, as I am quite fond of it, but the content will be repositioned to focus more on communication in arts and culture. I have updated the biographies and the portfolio. The main focus, however, will go to a new culture section, in which I will try to present a guide to communication issues in arts and culture, focusing on classical music in Chicago. I am hoping to position Tania and me as an “arts management power couple,” which, quite frankly, we are, or at least becoming rather fast.

I have also been thinking a lot about graduate school lately. Both DePaul University and University of Illinois at Chicago have programs that would be a great asset to my previous education and my current experience. I’d like to focus on cultural and political communication. However, graduate school feasibility will all depend on scholarships, financial aid, and simply time. It will need to be possible to combine both my current job and school. Que sera, sera.

Plans, plans… I first have to see if I can even keep up maintaining this blog.