Settling in Austin, Texas

A lot has happened since my last blog post. Remember I was moving down to Austin, Texas? I am settling in quite nicely. Where I would have been happy with a job, I ended up with a dream job. En route with the moving truck, somewhere in Arkansas, I learned that I was going to be the next Director of Marketing for the Austin Lyric Opera. I started four days later.

This is exciting. I cannot wait to put everything I have written about in the last couple of years into action. Social media is going to play an important role. I have been meeting with a lot of people, all warmly welcoming me to Texas, including good Twitter folk like David Neff and Travis Bedard.

I’ve been through a production already (in my second week!) and was blown away by the quality on display at The Italian Girl in Algiers. And the Long Center is just an amazing facility of which Austin can be proud (they are, by the way, also looking for a marketing manager). I can’t wait for Flight in April and then kicking off season 25 after the summer!

And yes, I’ve already bought a new bike. When we move to our new place in April, I can start that bike commute I have been waiting for!

I will keep the blog posts coming. Especially now that I am right in the middle of it 24/7 again. And to prove I have not been sitting idle, this Friday, March 4, Lacey Huszcza and I are putting on the second Ask the Musicians event in our ongoing series. As chosen by 86 voters, this round will cover composers in #askacomposer.

I hope you’ll be able to join us in #askacomposer, and I hope you’ll keep following me throughout my new Austin adventure!