One more week of #floodofsupport

We have a little less than a week to go for my little crowdfunding experiment #floodofsupport. I have been learning some good lessons already, which–beside doing a good deed–was the point.

Flood of Support

Right now, unfortunately, I’m still ways away from the $1,000 goal. The project started out well, but has been stagnant for the last few days. Perhaps because I’ve been out of town and haven’t paid it the attention it deserves.

You’ll have to wait for the write up of the learned lessons until after the project deadline. But I wanted to highlight the good people who have spread the word so far:

Who has donated?
You can see the list of donors on the project’s page on Crowdrise.

Who has spread the message?
You can see the list of people who tweeted about #floodofsupport here.

The following people have blogged about #floodofsupport

Nashville Symphony Orchestra
Maura Lafferty
Maryann Devine
Drew McManus
Amanda Ameer
Christian Spließ
Birgit Schmidt-Hurtienne (here and here)
Chris Foley (ran one of the banner ads on his Collaborative Piano Blog)

What’s next?
Right now, I’m trying out donating ¢5 for each of the first hundred tweets that mention #floodofsupport. I’ll also be trying to target some tweets to particular people.

Also, there’s still a $20 matching grant from a former Chicago Symphony colleague out there. You should DM him.

Do you have any brilliant ideas on how to advance #floodofsupport? Let me know!