ALO: final round up (complete presentation)

ALO: A new website and digital strategy (complete) View more presentations from Marc van Bree This concludes a brief overview of what went into a new website and new digital strategy for a performing arts organization. At the start of the season, the opera was in a precarious position. I had to work with a […]

ALO: Mobile site

Approximately 20% of the traffic to the ALO website comes from mobile devices. This has been steadily on the increase and will continue to increase into the future. The new website displays well on mobile devices and touch screen devices. What we wanted to build then was something to complement, not replace the new website. […]

ALO: Social media

In my 2010 TAFTO contribution, this is what I wrote: Over the past decade, the Internet has moved toward becoming a social medium with more participation (encouraging contributions), openness (no barriers to content and feedback), connectedness (networked relationships and sharing content), community (gathering around a common interest), and, of course, conversation (a two-way street). The […]

ALO: Online advertising

One of the first things I did was to pull our online advertising in-house. Previously, it was not uncommon to spend $8,000 per production on an agency booking interactive banner ads and placing search engine ads on Google, Yahoo and Bing. First, I applied for Google Grants. It’s a simple process for nonprofits, but it […]

ALO: Tracking conversions

Data collection, measurement and analysis are of the utmost importance for any marketer. Arts organizations across the country are dealing with budget cutbacks, so it becomes increasingly important to put your marketing dollars in the most effective channels and efforts. Without data, you simply can’t do your job as a marketer. After launching the website, […]