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Notes from the #acso2010 conference

I just returned from San Francisco, where I presented in a seminar on social media at the annual conference of the Association of California Symphony Orchestras. I was invited by seminar moderator Oliver Theil, public relations director at the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. My co-presenter was–and I still get goose bumps saying this–the venerable Beth […]

1,000 followers on Twitter: from slacktivism to activism (#floodofsupport)

We all know that Nashville got hit with a terrible flood a few months ago. This terrible flood didn’t spare the Nashville Symphony Orchestra (NSO). The orchestra’s damages were approximately $42 million and after insurance and support from FEMA, the remaining financial gap could be as much as $10 million. A flood is no fun. […]

A review of The Networked Nonprofit

I’ve been an avid fan of Beth Kanter’s blog for the past few years. It might come as no surprise that I pre-ordered her, and co-author Allison Fine’s, book The Networked Nonprofit. And if you’re a reader of their blogs, it might also come as no surprise that the book fully lived up to its […]

A look at NEA’s Audience 2.0 report: technology and arts participation

Just published: an interesting study from the National Endowment for the Arts called “Audience 2.0: how Technology Influences Arts Participation.” I wanted to give a quick, initial overview with some quick, initial comments. One would think that with the opening up of the Internet, with the increased accessibility, arts participation through electronic media has risen […]

On purpose, change, structure and relevance

An interesting question from the League of American Orchestra, which had its annual conference just last week. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go, but that doesn’t preclude me from chiming in (I did here, here and here). In addition, the opening session was broadcasted and recorded. Find it here. The question was “what is the most important […]

Notes from Opera America 2010 Conference

Last Wednesday, I had my whirlwind trip to Los Angeles to speak at the Opera America 2010 Conference. I arrived in L.A. Tuesday night—and was amazed at the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra mural during my cab ride to downtown—but I had to leave again shortly after noon on Wednesday. That meant unfortunately missing two of […]

Discussing the Orchestra R/Evolution

The League of American Orchestras’ annual conference is just around the corner and this year, to my very pleasant surprise, they have set up a blog platform for (pre) conference discussion called “Orchestra R/Evolution.” I’m even more pleasantly surprised to see they have opened up posting to a broad host of people and inviting people […]

Making the conference rounds

Just a couple of days ago, I marked my seven-year anniversary of living in the United States. That is more than a quarter of my life. Nearly five of those seven years, I have been blogging (I launched the first version of Dutch Perspective in September 2005). The first three years weren’t focused. I hadn’t […]

Videos, webisodes and classical music flash mobs

A while ago, I posted a link to Baltimore Symphony Orchestra/Washington National Opera’s flash mob video on the Dutch Perspective Facebook page. Little did I know that opened somewhat of a floodgate of flash mob videos, and other videos, appearing on my radar screen. Maryann Devine, over at smarts & Culture, blogged about the BSO/WNO […]

Evaluating Social Media: Final Word

In the last nine steps, I have walked through Are We There Yet? A Communications Evaluation Guide by the Communications Network. It started with figuring out what to evaluate and establishing an overarching goal. The central question was: how are your communications efforts creating a change; more specifically, a change in behavior. The central message […]