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ALO: Tracking conversions

Data collection, measurement and analysis are of the utmost importance for any marketer. Arts organizations across the country are dealing with budget cutbacks, so it becomes increasingly important to put your marketing dollars in the most effective channels and efforts. Without data, you simply can’t do your job as a marketer. After launching the website, […]

A new website and digital strategy for the opera

When I started my job as marketing director for Austin Lyric Opera, I knew I wanted to put my stamp on its digital marketing efforts. I wanted to put all that I have written about and all that I have learned over the past years to action. What follows is a brief overview of what […]

Dispelling some untruths about managing the arts

Summer time is conference time, which inevitably leads to discussions about the state of the arts. The topic has been picked up around the blogosphere too. Yesterday I went to an event by the Austin Creative Alliance called “Crisis & Opportunity: An Open, Structured Dialogue” and a familiar discussion evolved. I think it is time […]

Remember the Alamo

One of the things I love about moving to Austin is the Alamo Drafthouse. After seeing a movie there, you really can’t go back to a regular theater. The movie I wanted to see last weekend was sold out, so I did have to go back to a regular theater. Big mistake. The movie was […]

Settling in Austin, Texas

A lot has happened since my last blog post. Remember I was moving down to Austin, Texas? I am settling in quite nicely. Where I would have been happy with a job, I ended up with a dream job. En route with the moving truck, somewhere in Arkansas, I learned that I was going to […]

Moving to Austin, Texas

I am no stranger to adventurous moves. In 2002, after finishing high school, I went to work in a ski resort in Austria. Later that year, I moved to London, England because of an American girl I met my first day in Austria. We simply packed our bags, took the bus to London from Amsterdam, […]

First reflections on #askaconductor

Wow. That was a whirlwind. Last night, we finished up the more than 30-hour marathon of #askaconductor. It kicked off at 8:30 am Australian Eastern Standard Time with conductor Warwick Potter answering questions for the Queensland Symphony Orchestra in Brisbane and it more or less ended shortly after midnight Eastern Standard Time in the United […]

Abundance, eager hands and #askaconductor

In less than two days, #askaconductor will officially kick off. Australians will be the first to the scene, as their December 8 starts 16 hours ahead of New York. The current participant count stands at 43 conductors, including former New York Philharmonic music director Lorin Maazel! I’m pretty stoked. This morning, Beth Kanter graciously published […]

Gig/International Arts Manager looks at social media in classical music

A little while ago, I got a message from Clare Wiley, a reporter at Gig/International Arts Manager magazine. She was writing a story on social media and classical music organizations and wanted to ask some questions. The article was published this week, but you will have to get a subscription to have a read. Where […]

An early look at nonprofit social networking site Jumo

Many technologically savvy nonprofits and nonprofit social media marketers have been anticipating the launch of Jumo, a social networking site for nonprofits and causes. Yesterday, the Beta version officially launched. The project was started by Chris Hughes, one of the Facebook founders and the chief digital organizer for Obama’s presidential campaign. This fact, and the […]