Evaluating social media for classical music organizations

I have been a fan of the communications evaluation guide Are We There Yet? by The Communications Network ever since I learned about it through Issuelab. Designed for philanthropic and nonprofit organizations, the report guides managers through evaluating their communications efforts. The authors warn that it is not a communications planning tool, but I believe […]

Orchestras and Social Media Survey: Key Findings and Full Report

Last Friday, I introduced you to the Orchestras and Social Media Survey. Today, the full report is available for download. You can download the report from my Web site at mcmvanbree.com In short, the survey found that social media activities, familiarity and usage seem to be widespread among orchestras. Managers find social media important and […]

Orchestras and New Media: A Complete Guide

After the blog series and presentation on orchestras and new media, I have just finished an e-book called “Orchestras and New Media: A Complete Guide.” In this book, I look at the current print environment and arts coverage, followed by the new media revolution and what it means for orchestras. Alongside a description of tools […]