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Building a community classical music portal

Many cities and communities around the country have some kind of portal for classical music, or the arts in general. Many of these portals are funded, if not initiated, by foundations, local arts service groups, or a consortium of classical music organizations. The quality of these portals ranges from terrible to excellent, and interestingly it […]

Marketing the arts when your budget gets cut

Going Back to Basics and Building for the Future Or how we increased the return on marketing by 68% and put an opera company back on track A little while ago, I presented a teleseminar for Opera Volunteers International about marketing on a budget. I talked about the year and a half I spent at […]

Why performing arts organizations are not app-ropriate

Let me start with a simple question: How many of you have opened an arts organization’s mobile app lately? And no, it doesn’t count if you were just looking to see what your competitors were doing. Even more generally: How many apps have you used in your personal life just this last week? Email, news […]

Marketing Automation in Performing Arts

I’m in a new industry, which means I come across different marketing approaches. I always like seeing how these new perspectives translate to the performing arts. My current industry is heavy on lead generation and marketing automation. Skip forward a little to this week, when I came across an interesting post from the TRG Arts […]

Building a performing arts website on no or close to no budget

While I have developed websites from scratch, when I developed a new website for Austin Lyric Opera, I chose to go with a vendor. I needed the help, the service and the security. After all, my job was marketing director, and not web developer, and the season brochure still needed to get produced and the […]

Join me for #ArtsMgtChat this Friday

Getting back into the blogging and tweeting habit came at the right time. I was invited to guest host a Twitter chat called #ArtsMgtChat this Friday, May 11. This chat is great initiative by Ally Yusuf, a young emerging arts leader, and had its launch on April 27 with a chat about navigating a career […]

ALO: final round up (complete presentation)

ALO: A new website and digital strategy (complete) View more presentations from Marc van Bree This concludes a brief overview of what went into a new website and new digital strategy for a performing arts organization. At the start of the season, the opera was in a precarious position. I had to work with a […]

ALO: Mobile site

Approximately 20% of the traffic to the ALO website comes from mobile devices. This has been steadily on the increase and will continue to increase into the future. The new website displays well on mobile devices and touch screen devices. What we wanted to build then was something to complement, not replace the new website. […]

ALO: Social media

In my 2010 TAFTO contribution, this is what I wrote: Over the past decade, the Internet has moved toward becoming a social medium with more participation (encouraging contributions), openness (no barriers to content and feedback), connectedness (networked relationships and sharing content), community (gathering around a common interest), and, of course, conversation (a two-way street). The […]

ALO: Online advertising

One of the first things I did was to pull our online advertising in-house. Previously, it was not uncommon to spend $8,000 per production on an agency booking interactive banner ads and placing search engine ads on Google, Yahoo and Bing. First, I applied for Google Grants. It’s a simple process for nonprofits, but it […]